Library to You (L2U)

Library to You (L2U) service is for people who are unable to use a public library or who live far from a public library. If you have a valid library card, you can sign up for Library to You (L2U), a free service which sends you up to 6 paperback books at a time, right to your doorstep!
How to Register: If your municipality is part of Chinook Arch and you hold a valid library card, fill out this registration form and send it to your local public library. Your local public library will file this information with Chinook Arch headquarters. Chinook Arch will then register you with Marigold Library System, the administrators of the program in Strathmore, AB. 
L2U offers you:

When you sign up, you will receive a catalogue of titles twice a year. You can select up to 6 books at a time from this catalogue. The books will then be mailed to your home with an addressed, postage-paid mailbag. When you are done, put the books in the bag and mail them back.