Resources for Print Impaired Patrons

Chinook Arch offers library patrons with print disabilities (as defined in the Canadian Copyright Act, section 32.01, subsection 8) access to information in various formats:

  • large print books
  • audio books
  • DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) CDs
  • ebooks with resizeable text
  • descriptive video
  • braille 

However, our print-impaired library patrons have access to a much larger collection of material through funding by the Government of Alberta, specifically the Public Library Services Branch (PLSB) of Municipal Affairs.

Two agencies through which we can access additional materials are CELA and NNELS.
NNELS – the National Network of Equitable Library Service -- was developed by the BC Libraries Co-op.  Currently a partnership between a handful of Canadian provinces, NNELS offers downloads of books for our print-disabled patrons.  Chinook Arch joined NNELS, along with all other Alberta public libraries, in the summer of 2014.  Patrons can login with their library barcodes at the NNELS website to download DAISY zip files.

The Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) is governed by a board of public library representatives from across Canada, and is supported by CULA (the Canadian Urban Libraries Council) and CNIB (the Canadian National Institute for the Blind).  Their website is CELA offers both physical items and digital downloads.  Patrons can request items in the formats mentioned above (except large print) through their public library staff, or on their own if library staff register them.
If a patron is registered with CELA, s/he can also access, an American online library of accessible titles for people with print disabilities.  See this video for more details on the importance of accessible formats.

Check out these free apps for downloading DAISY files from these services directly to your iOS or Android devices!

App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
·         iOS app available on the App Store
·         iOS app video tutorial (YouTube)

App for Android
·         Android app on Google Play
·         Android app video tutorial (YouTube)
Direct to Player service
·         About Direct to Player service (CELA)